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Celebrating Unity And Humanity During Covid19 Crisis

Applauds for our doctors, nurses, life care facilities, support systems the 5.00 pm clapping theory of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi lifted the heart and soul of more than 1.34 billion citizens who are feeling the stress and pressure of COVID19. Proud citizens of India have quarantined themselves in name of Janta Curfew from the last 12 hours. Yes, these are days of absolute quarantine, zero mobilization on roads, zero vehicle movements, zero clubs, outdoors and gyms. Only owners with pets moved that too in different timings twice a day. Life seems so difficult for us but still, we remained at homes feeling dull and bored. 

Today at 5.00 pm we were allowed to make some noise and the adrenaline rush could have been sensed in the eyes of more than 1000 families staying in my apartment. People played hanuman Chalisa, hum honge kahmayab, mangal bhawan, sankh, thali and clapped for more than 30 minutes, the dogs were barking and tail wagging from the balconies. The elder couples dancing and waving from the terrace, the kids dancing in their baby suits and the entire society have shown unity despite our social distance.

Some great saints expressed that so many positive voices create positive echoes in nature and that’s why big bells were specially present in ancient temples, these echoes destroy negativity and spreads harmony and peace.

No distances, viruses, and fear of the world can separate us. We are truly Indians! disciplined not to move out but raise our voice high for our lifelines our nurses, doctors, pharmacists, maids, security staff, caretakers and all who are fighting hard to protect us. We are aiming at being India Positive and Corona Negative soon. Let’s aim to bring in some positivity around us, drop your stories and experiences here.


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